Artist Information

Guidelines, dates & answers for artists.

Jury Process

Artist excellence of original work is the sole criteria for selection of exhibitors. Images are reviewed by jurors in a blind jury online process. Artists are assigned a number and judged only by the digital images submitted, not on any other qualifications.

The digital images will be displayed in one row showing four (4) digital images of the artwork, and one (1) image of the booth.

The identities of artists are not disclosed to jurors. The jury is comprised of one working artist and two art professionals. Each juror will view each artist’s set of five images.

The process, materials and dimensions for each image as well as artist information statements are made available to the jury. Artistic excellence and a well-balanced show are the criteria for selection of exhibitors.

Scores are averaged together.

Artwork Criteria

All work exhibited must be original art produced by the applying artist. Work that has been produced with commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial methods are not permitted.

Studios involved in volume production are not permitted.

The work exhibited must be consistent with the application submitted by the artist and Rose Squared guidelines. 

Compliance will be verified during the Art Festival. Rose Squared Art Shows has the right to require that any other work be immediately removed from the show.

Failure to comply may result in exhibitor’s removal from the show with no refund of fees and exhibitor’s right to exhibit in future Art Festivals may be refused.

Important Dates

Rittenhouse Square Spring Fine Craft (May 10-12, 2024)
May 10-12, 2024: Show Dates
Nov. 30, 2023: First Jury Deadline ($45 Jury Fee)
Dec. 6, 2023: Jury Results Emailed
Jan. 15, 2024: Booth Fee Due (Early Decision Discount)
Dec. 1, 2024: Jury Fee -$55 - Rollling Jury until Full
Verona Park (May 18-19, 2024)
May 18-19, 2024: Show Dates
Nov. 30, 2023: First Jury Deadline ($35 Jury Fee)
Dec. 6, 2023: Jury Results Emailed
Jan. 15, 2024: Booth Fee Due (Early Decision Discount)
Dec. 1, 2024: Jury Fee -$45 - Rollling Jury until Full
Celebrate Morristown (June 1-2, 2024)
June 1-2, 2024: Show Dates
Nov. 30, 2024: First Round Application Deadline ($35 Jury Fee)
Dec. 6, 2023: Jury Results Emailed
Jan. 15, 2024: Booth Fee Due (Early Decision Discount)
Dec. 1, 2024: Jury Fee -$45 - Rollling Jury until Full
Spring Brookdale Park (June 15-16, 2024)
June 15-16, 2024: Show Dates
Nov. 30, 2023: First Jury Deadline ($35 Jury Fee)
Dec. 6, 2023: Jury Results Emailed
Jan. 15, 2024: Booth Fee Due (Early Decision Discount)
Dec. 1, 2024: Jury Fee -$45 - Rollling Jury until Full
Chase Center (July 27-28, 2024)
July 27-28, 2024: Show Dates
Jan. 31, 2024: First Jury Deadline ($35 Jury Fee)
Feb. 5, 2024: Jury Results Emailed
March 15, 2024: Booth Fee Due (Early Decision Discount)
Feb. 1, 2024: Jury Fee -$45 - Rollling Jury until Full
Ludwig's Corner (September 14-15, 2024)
September 14-15, 2024: Show Dates
Dec. 1, 2023: Application Live on ZAPP
Anderson Park (September 21-22, 2024)
September 21-22, 2024: Show Dates
Dec. 1, 2023: Application Live on ZAPP
Rittenhouse Square Fall FIne Craft (October 11-13, 2024)
October 11-13, 2024: Show Dates
Dec. 1, 2023: Application Live on ZAPP
Fall Brookdale Park (October 19-20, 2024)
October 19-20, 2024: Show Dates
Dec. 1, 2023: Application Live on ZAPP


Anderson Park Hours: 10am-5pm

Brookdale Park (Spring and Fall) Hours: 10am-5pm

Celebrate Morristown
: 10am-5pm

Chase Center Hours
: 10am-5pm

Ludwig's Corner Hours
: 10am-5pm

Rittenhouse Square Fine Craft Hours
: Fri-Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 10am-5pm

Verona Park
: 10am-5pm


Anderson Park, 288 Bellevue Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043

Brookdale Park, 473 Watchung Ave, Bloomfield, NJ

Celebrate Morristown
, 110 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960

Chase Center on the Riverfront
, 815 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Ludwig's Corner
, 1326 Pottstown Pike, Glenoore, PA, 19343

Rittenhouse Square
, 18th and Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Verona Park
, 475 Bloomfield Ave, Verona, NJ 07044

FAQ for Artists

1How do I apply?
Applications are accepted via Zapplication (link - only. No slides, CDs of images, or other envelopes, packages or boxes will be reviewed or returned.
2What fees are involved?
An application fee is paid at the time of application. This is a non-refundable fee paid by everyone who applies to the show. If you are invited to exhibit at the show, you must purchase your booth space in order to confirm your acceptance.
3Can I only exhibit for one day of the show?
You MUST attend and occupy your booth for all days and times of the show.
4 I was notified that I was accepted, what do I need to do?
If you are notified via email through Zapplication that you have been accepted to one of our shows, you will need to accept the invitation and then purchase and pay for your booth space to confirm your acceptance. If you will not be able to exhibit with us after all, you also have the option to decline your invitation through Zapplication.
5I was notified that I am on the alternate list/wait list for this year’s show, what do I need to do?
The email you received through Zapplication regarding the alternate list will have several options. Please reply to that email with your preference of remaining on the alternate list until show time, remaining on the alternate list until a particular date, or asking to be removed from the alternate list.
6Can my friend/partner/spouse/etc. do a show for me?
The Rose Squared Art Shows pride themselves on is the fact that attending our shows allows for the opportunity to meet the artist personally. It is REQUIRED that the actual artist(s) be present at his/her booth during all hours of the show.
7Is electricity available?
The Chase Center on the Riverfront includes electric with every booth. The rest of the shows are outdoors and you are always able use a battery at all the shows and a quiet generator at Anderson Park, Brookdale Park and Verona Park (long extension cords are required). We do not allow generators at Rittenhouse Square or Celebrate Morristown.
8When will I be notified of my booth location?
You will be notified of your booth placement approximately 6 weeks before the show. Please note that placement can change the day of the show if the ground conditions warrant. The public walks the entire show because of the beautiful park paths.
9When is setup?
Setup and check-in for the shows begin the day before or early morning of the show. Please pay attention to the emails sent as some shows like Chase and Rittenhouse Square have timed setups.
10I have a very large/tall truck. Do I need to notify you before I arrive?
We so appreciate knowing that in advance of setup. Please send an email with details to [email protected].
11Do I need to collect sales tax?
According to our government laws, all sales of tangible goods must be taxed. Sales tax varies from state to state, county to county and at times city to city. You are responsible for researching, collecting and reporting your sales and taxes. You should contact the local department of revenue for the show venue for additional information. Most of the time they have websites. At times, the local tax office does contact us for a list of exhibitors and we are required to comply.
12What is your cancellation/refund policy?
Cancellations must be made in writing or emailed at least 60 days prior to an art show. If you cancel with the proper amount of notice, you will receive a credit for all the booth fees paid, good for 1 year. Application fees are non-refundable.We do not, at any time, issue refunds unless we have canceled a show with ample time prior to its scheduled date. If a show is canceled AFTER logistical and advertising arrangements have been made, refunds will not be issued under our rain or shine policy nor due to any forces of nature, (i.e., hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes) as outlined in the application. We understand that there are many unforeseen circumstances that may arise last minute, however, we cannot make exceptions to this policy.
13What if I don't have a display picture?
For outdoor events, an outdoor display picture is REQUIRED and for the Chase Center an indoor display is REQUIRED. You will not be juried with out this. We suggest setting up a display in your backyard or wherever you have the room. The display photos you submit must be consistent with the booth you will set-up in the shows. If it is different and unacceptable, you may be subject to removal from the show. The purpose of this is that we need to see how your set up will look in our show. YOUR DISPLAY IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR WORK.
14When is the deadline for your shows?
We are a rolling jury after the first deadline. Shows will close when we have reached the maximum number of juried artists for the space we have available. Please keep in mind that many of our shows and categories do close early, so the best suggestion is to apply for the shows you want AS SOON AS the application becomes available.

ZAPPlication Help

1How do I apply?
Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough of the application process.
2My images will not upload. What should I do?
Check to ensure you have formatted your image according to ZAPP’s Image Formatting specifications.
3I applied to a show, but I do not see my application. Where is it?
Some artists have multiple accounts. Be sure that you are logged into the correct account or use the Forgot Username tool to retrieve your active accounts.
4What does my application status mean?
Click here to see explanations for each application status.
5How to do I purchase a booth?
Click the ZAPP Shop to see available products for purchase or view our walkthrough video, How to Purchase a Booth.
6How do I get a refund for something I purchased?
Contacting the event administrator is the only way to request a refund for purchases made on ZAPP.While payments are charged through ZAPP, the funds collected are the property of the events and only event administrators can authorize a refund.
7I see a broken web page when I try to access ZAPP. What should I do?
If you cannot reach the ZAPP site, you are using an outdated internet browser and will need to update. As of June 12, 2017, ZAPP® will only support TLS version 1.2.For more information about this security change, please visit our TLS Frequently Asked Questions. Can’t find your question here? Visit the Help Center for more resources.