Eman Tabbara
Scentual Aroma Inc.
Staten Island, NY
Verona Park 2023
Reading the labels on many skin and hair products on the market, I was painfully struck by how many of these products were infused with harmful and toxic chemicals. As a mother, biologist and a former public health professional, I wanted to instill my passion for making a positive impact on peoples health with my interest in beauty and skin care. I wanted to create products that my family can use safely. I also wanted to share these products with my loved ones. This is how Scentual Aroma was born. At Scentual Aroma, we believe that in the same way a healthy diet nourishes our bodies and mind; natural ingredients nourish our skin and hair, and ultimately contribute to health & vitality. When our bodies are healthy, it shows. Scentual Aroma’s goal is to support you to have a healthy and uniquely beautiful you. The life processes in our bodies and our environment are closely interconnected; this understanding guides our production and distribution methods. We are committed to using pure and active botanical ingredients that have remarkable healing powers to bring products to life. We harness these therapeutic properties to provide you with top of the line, botanical skin & body care.