Ruth Becker
Ruth Becker Art
Chevy Chase, MD
Fall Brookdale Park 2023
I create artwork from layered paper, plywood, and acrylic paint to explore processes of growth and change.

My paper and inkjet-printed artworks are artifacts of repetition and transformation. I create these by painting acrylic on paper, scanning my work, and creating a series of inkjet prints. Next, I laser-cut the prints so that each layer repeats--but slightly diverges from--the preceding one. Finally, I stack and assemble the cut, printed sheets into composite structures that call to mind waters, rocks, and other natural forms.

In my collaged artworks, by contrast, I repurpose elements of previously-created works, making decisions on the fly and articulating a forward-looking vision of growth, rooted in past practice. These works are driven by impulse as much as inquiry to describe a looser, more spontaneous process.