Pleun Bouricius
Agathao Photo
Plainfield, MA
Fall Brookdale Park 2023
I roam marshes and bogs, lakes and puddles, the edges of estuaries and streams, everywhere the life cycle is on display. Plants and insects, fed by nutrients and detritus shed by their predecessors plus everyone else. Soon, they, too, join the great cycle and rise again. It is beauteous beyond compare.

I lay bare the rich detail that surrounds us, much of it overlooked, too small to see or caught up in something to which we respond. I aspire to do the same with my own experience of nature, expressing the feelings of joy, longing, and sensual delight that come with the seasons and the mood or smell of a particular day.

Much of my current work is part of Portraits in the Carbon Cycle, a project that explored the water-facilitated cycling and recycling of chemical elements on which life on Earth depends.