Nicole Jurain
Nicole Jurain Pottery
Spring Rittenhouse 2024
My initial inspiration was rooted in a desire to be as unique and true to my vision as a creator as possible. With the discipline of wheel throwing forms as my background, I sometimes felt confined to specific items and colors of glaze that customers were accustomed to seeing. Now, I've expanded my collection to include "naked pottery" work, where imperfections cannot be hidden behind a glaze. My process involves combining different clay types from across the United States, allowing me to showcase the beauty of our land. Through my work, I aim to give customers the opportunity to own a part of our geographic history.

This journey represents my commitment to authenticity and pushing the boundaries of my art. Steering away from conventional techniques, I've embraced the raw beauty making each piece a unique expression. The use of diverse clay types not only demonstrates my technical skill but also weaves in the story of our nation's geological diversity. Ultimately, my creations go beyond being mere objects; they become vessels of narrative and a celebration of individuality, connecting patrons to the landscapes that inspire me.