Lonnie Ingram
Baltimore, MD
Verona Park 2023
My passion has always been wire. To me, wire is form incarnate. Starting with wire as thin as sewing thread and what I often hear are the patience of Job, because it can take up to a week to complete a project, I create 1-12-inch-high miniature works of art. I use individual and sometimes, combined lines of wire to give my work depth and weight. While creating, I feel as if I'm drawing in mid-air. As if my hands were the assembly line at a factory, I patiently work and develop the wire into not so much art, but the subject matter, itself. Using my self-taught technique, I can create a simple monkey hanging in a tree to the most elaborate of cityscapes. Folks often wonder how I know when I'm done. Well, I am the first to view all my new works. So, when I can no longer recognize my medium as wire, I know the project is complete.