Leah Spencer
Odd Duck Gallery
Spring Brookdale 2024
I'm tickled by the natural character and charm of animals, and aim to highlight this in their straight-forward "school portrait" poses. The accessories I give each animal only accentuate the personality that's already there naturally. By using dip pen and ink, the mark-making is given an organic quality and stands it apart from today's world of digital, mass-produced art. Nature conservation is also an issue I'm passionate about, so 10% of my sales are donated to Re:Wild.

High quality craftsmanship is a central motivator for me. I keep everything (excluding greeting card printing) in-house and use high-grade and sustainable materials. I see my art's production as equally important to the illustrations themselves. I want them to live as lasting pieces of fine art that show deep care and provide levity to the homes they are invited into.