Katerina Husmann
Jersey City, NJ
Spring Brookdale Park 2022
Born in Kazakhstan, Katerina now brings her love of painting to Jersey City, NJ. Raised in a country steeped in tradition especially when it comes to the arts, Katerina discovered her passion less directly, almost by osmosis, as art seems to be in Katerina's DNA. Unbeknownst to Katerina, many of her relatives dabbled in the arts, all untrained, all later in life, some even teaching art now in universities. Katerina found out that her grandfather, whom she never met, was a painter, and the list goes on. Katerina's style ranges from minimalist to abstract to pop and she specializes in large pieces that can center any space. "I really love to mix materials, techniques, and tools." Some of Katerina's work is now in the collection of several US corporations as she works directly with businesses and interior designers to create custom art for specific venues and environments.