Joy Stember
Joy Stember Metal Arts Studio
Spring Rittenhouse 2024
I am a metal artist who strives to infuse homes with joy through my contemporary pewter Judaica and home decor creations. I specialize in crafting pieces that exude modern elegance while honoring tradition. After a transformative journey to Israel, my artistic path was profoundly influenced by the nation’s rich history, creativity, and spirituality. My adventure unearthed my true passion, which was ignited by the vibrant energy of the places I explored.
My art finds its roots in the harmonious blend of urban landscapes' sleek lines and the timeless allure of mid-century design. Through the alchemy of metals like pewter, brass, bronze, silver, and copper, I strive to evoke pure joy, transforming homes into havens of happiness. Each piece is fabricated using a method of scoring and folding sheets of pewter to make three dimensional forms. By fusing tradition & modernity, I inspire a sense of delight, inviting a world of joy and honor into the hearts and homes of all who encounter my art.