Ellen Cohen
Leonia, NJ
Spring Brookdale Park 2022
From my earliest childhood memories I have cultivated a lifelong practice of attention to my environment. My impressions of the world around me are the seeds from which my work blooms. I carry these mental snapshots‚textures of rocks, grasses, trees, and layers of paint on urban architecture‚ to my bench as indirect influences. Working intuitively, I arrange colorful stones, textured silver and gold, and bold shapes until they harmoniously coalesce as bold, organically inspired, wearable artworks made from recycled and reclaimed silver and gold, and conscientiously sourced stones. My jewelry engages with sustainability not simply as a material choice, but as a deeper metaphor for the fragile connections that link my practice to the planet, my work to the wearer, and all living beings to the ecosystems we coexist within.