Doug Heifetz
Lost & Forged LLC
Spring Rittenhouse 2024
I believe in the possibility of transformation, for individuals and for a world in need of healing. My work with reclaimed metals allows me to celebrate and promote this idea. I salvage old metal objects, especially vintage silver flatware. I reshape and adorn the mundane materials through a wide range of metalsmith techniques.

Although I transform the materials for new beauty and purpose, I also work to ensure that the original recycled objects remain recognizable. I stop short of processing them beyond identification. I want the viewer to see, upon close examination, that a lustrous jewelry piece highlights the transformation of a mundane or discarded object in a surprising new form.

My work inspires me, and I hope others, to look for hidden possibilities in the world. Where we see waste, decay and triviality, we can surely also find opportunities for transformation, innovation, healing and beauty.