Doug Del Turco
Del Turco Woodworks
Livingston, NJ
Verona Park 2023
Woodworking started as a hobby for me during highschool and once I discovered my talent, I turned it into a career making custom furniture. I hope to diminish the common thought of wood and woodworking as being mundane, old news. All of my work is inspired by the natural variation and beauty of the wood that is grown in the trees that surround us everyday. I often incorporate live edge slabs, resin, and metal into my designs. In suburban NJ there is a tree service in nearly every town and most of the logs are brought to the dump, chipped, or burned for firewood. Seeing such valuable material wasted pains me knowing that I can transform it into something both beautiful and functional. Using a portable sawmill, I source a lot of my material locally from these tree services and sometimes even from storm damage in people's yards.