Nimrat Sandhu
Alchemy by Nimrat
Chase 2024
My inspiration to make art has always been Nature, her beauty, her gentle sway, her tiny critters to her magnificent beasts are what I paint. I love color and you will experience the vivid colors that I use. I am a self taught artist and have been painting for over a decade. I work in multiple layers in all my works no matter the medium or style.

My artwork intends to inspire the beautiful pause. The pause of the present moment to stand still and truly ‘experience the moment’. A busy mom and wife I spent most of my time running to keep with everything and in my head worrying about the future or fretting about the past. I never stopped to smell the roses. The beauty of truly experiencing the moment came to me when I had to deal with multiple health issues one after another. I was in despair and didn’t know how to heal myself, that’s when art came to my rescue. I am an artist with Rheumatoid Arthritis healing myself one moment at a time. I aspire to inspire the beauty of experiencing the present moment for what it is and to liberate the mind from the past and future.