Mari Lydic
Tallgal Studios
Chase 2024
I create items that are both aesthetically pleasing when you look at them, but also are functional. What I create is not meant to be put on a shelf or a wall for display, they are for you to show off as you go about your daily life.I use techniques that combine my years as a textile artist in other mediums; I have dyed fabrics and silks for years, using a variety of methods. I have been a quilter most of my life, so putting pieces together into beautiful shapes almost came naturally to me. I am constantly learning new techniques to incorporate into my art.

I believe there is value in something handmade, that is not mass produced. Each bag or wallet I make is made with care with the hope that it will bring you joy. I choose patterns and colors that range from subtle and elegant to bright and funky, making every bag unique, just like you.