Monique Perry
Monique's Art Jewelry
Chase 2024
The daughter of an artist/sculptor, and world traveling parents, I grew up in a home filled with creativity, artwork and lots of color! Weekend trips to museums were a frequent family activity that contributed to my appreciation for all kinds of art. My journey in art jewelry began much later, beginning as an outlet/hobby to find balance between a busy life and motherhood. After completing several courses in metals at my local art center and community college, I quickly became obsessed with metalsmithing and used these early years as a time to hone my skills. Selling my work at small local craft shows gave me the motivation, encouragement, and excitement to broaden my repertoire. Since then, I've earned 2 certifications in Precious Metal Clay, and more recently, learned the art of Enameling. My consistent use of color in my work is inspired by many things, especially my Mexican heritage, my colorful childhood home, and the nature that surrounds me.