Rejane Pratelli
Anvil Fire and Time
Chase 2024
My work is first and foremost about what it means to be human: to be unique, beautiful, flawed, ever changing, perfect in our many imperfections. Silver is my metal of choice for this exploration, because, like humans, it offers the paradox of being quite unforgiving, but also amenable to great plasticity when handled appropriately. To me, it’s the perfect medium to represent the dark and light facets of life. One of these facets is the pressure society places on women: we’re supposed to present a flawless appearance no matter how broken we might feel inside. Jewelry is often an accessory used to enhance the look of strength and perfection. But is this the truth of who we really are? Shouldn’t we wear jewelry that is personal, reflects our true self and empowers it? To create truly personal jewelry, I believe one has to design unique pieces or limited series