Bob Friedenberg
Round Hill, VA
Fall Brookdale Park 2023
I started drawing in college while pursuing my doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics. My work is a collection of very detailed black & white pen & ink drawings all made using a .25mm Rapidograph. Everything I do is inked entirely by hand, utilizing a wide variety of themes ranging from naturalistic to mechanistic to space/science fiction.

Often, I incorporate pictures, words, symbols, equations, and anything else I can think of into my drawings to add depth, and texture, and to engage the viewer. For example, in "Entropy 2" (Entropy is the term describing the natural increase in chaos/disorder in the universe), I attempted to incorporate hundreds of little 'doodles' of random objects. Additionally, I've started replicating the equations from my PhD dissertation as graphics. The moon in "Wolf Wannabe" is composed entirely of these equations.

The idea is to keep you looking and always finding something new.