Adrienne Neszmelyi-Romano
Designs by Adrienne
Chase 2024
My jewelry is inspired by my experience of the natural world around me. I explore shapes, textures, patterns and surfaces found in the environment and also sometimes in biological structures at the microscopic level. Jewelry allows me to pursue my long-term interest in organic forms and expand at a three dimensional level upon ideas I've explored in other media. River rocks and natural stones have been of particular interest to me, with the irregular contours of their forms and their surfaces often inspiring my designs. Sometimes, arrangements found in natural environments inspire textures and patterns in, and compositions of, my pieces. The shapes of bones and unique patterns of bone interiors have also inspired some of my pierced designs. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind, contemporary designs that have strong contrasts. My pieces are not meant to be delicate; they are intended to make a dramatic statement for the wearer.