Wayne Londregan
Wayne Londregan Photography LLC
Spring Brookdale 2024
When I was younger I listened more closely to my heart's callings. It was less noisy then. Along the way I left behind some of life's passions. With the love and encouragement of my wife and three sons, I circled back to my love of photography a decade ago and made a new beginning. " Its not too late.. the angel said. Even though the world's a mess. Even though you're not as young. Even though you've made mistakes and a few turns it's not too late. And then I saw the world through the angel's eyes... I saw the colors I could paint The bridges I could build The lives I could touch The dreams that could still come true And it became very clear to me... That it's not too late" By Ron Atchison. My captured images are meant to share the beauty that surrounds us, and often goes unnoticed