Rona Fisher
Rona Fisher Jewelry Design
Philadelphia, PA
Spring Brookdale Park 2022
Each item is a unique piece of art that allows the wearer to share in the energy and inspiration that created it. My jewelry pieces are inspired by rivers, especially the rush of water over stones, and by the textures in ancient forged iron. The pieces are characterized by using asymmetry to create balance and a sense of movement. By fusing these concepts, I intend to arouse delight in the handmade, creating pieces with a distinctive approach to elegance. In creating these pieces, I’m focusing on the feeling I get when in nature, particularly near a stream; the smell and sounds of fresh rushing water, bouncing off of ancient rock formations is mesmerizing and energizing. In wearing these pieces when back in the city, I am reminded of the power of nature. The pieces are meant to be worn every day, they are not formal, rather they are meant to be a part of your life to take on the dents and scratches and to be more beautiful in showing evidence of life's journey.