Mia Klavon
El Paso, TX
Anderson Park 2023
It could be said that art is the heart and soul of human expression, for it is through art that we reach from within ourselves to touch the souls of humanity.

The canvas of coastal seascapes and the beauty of fragile aquatic ecosystems touched my soul, and it is through these wondrous expressions of nature that I hope my art enriches the lives of others. Through stunning interpretations of sea life, real and mythical, I hope to draw attention to the beauty, mystery, and fragility of the vibrant world of underwater life. By bringing that world to life, I hope to draw others towards the love that has so greatly influenced my life and influence the protection and conservation of this other-worldly existence. Being drawn to the smooth, hardened texture of wood, the variety of grain patterns and shading provides a clearly unique canvas for each piece I create, typically on salvaged wood cut and sanded to size.