Sanjib Mallik
Infinite Fine Arts Llc
Temple Terrace, FL
Spring Brookdale Park 2023
My art is based on high aesthetics and supported by an understanding that we are more than a physical body, we are spiritual beings and our life energy spans far beyond our mere line of sight or sound, beyond time and universe. We belong to a realm of imagination and creativity. My firm belief has been that my clients are attracted to my work not for what they see but more for what they feel. That is why there is no rushing to finish my work, I have to infuse a high level of energy in each piece of artwork I produce to create each timeless object and the emotional connection it generates.

I represent earth and motion in my art at the high level of abstraction. motion translates to emotion and this emotion is picked up by the observer of my art. Looking at my art from another aspect, they represent flows of water, sand, rocks or even people over time.