Doug Hill
GrayHill Woodworking LLC
Waldwick, NJ
Spring Brookdale Park 2022
Doug Hill has a passion for woodworking. He spent 35 years as a master carpenter, building and renovating homes in northern NJ. During this time, he consulted closely with clients to perfect their designs and when the opportunity presented itself, build custom furniture and woodworking projects. In 2017, Doug made a career change and transitioned his craft to align with his true passion; woodworking.

He has a gift for assessing a wood blank and envisioning the piece within. He is a true artisan, allowing the tools and wood to drive the final piece that is produced. His primary tool of choice is the lathe however, he does not limit is creativity to just the lathe, and also designs and creates many custom items. He utilizes reclaimed wood, trees naturally downed in storms, removed for fire safety, or cut down due to disease.