For Visitors

Are any of your shows handicap accessible?

All of our shows are handicap accessible. At the Verona Park show there is handicap parking in the park. Please show your handicap placard at the entrance to the police officer at the gate. At the Brookdale Park show, enter the park from Watchung Avenue and follow handicap signs to the parking lot. At the Westfield Armory, parking attendants will direct you.

Why visit your Art & Craft Shows when I can just buy online?

Buying a handmade craft or piece of art online is like buying a premium audio system without hearing it, or buying a car after only hearing a description of it from another person. Being able to see the high quality arts and crafts in person, to hold them and study them, will allow you to better appreciate the effort that was put into them. Meeting with exhibitor gives you the opportunity to learn about the artisans' processes, motivations, and their interesting and varied histories. Plus, many artisans can take special orders for your special needs.

Are food vendors allowed at the shows?

At the Westfield Armory shows, there will be a food vendor in the facility. At the Verona show, there is a concessionaire in the boat house. At the Brookdale Park and Anderson Park shows there are a variety food vendors present.

Do you have a mailing list?

We have two! Our electronic mailing list is sent several times a year, usually shortly before each of our shows, plus we have a traditional postcard mailing list. You can visit our mailing list page for information on subscribing to (and unsubscribing from) our lists. Mailing list members will get show announcements, discount coupons for specific shows, and more.

What happens during inclement weather?

All of the shows are held rain or shine, in the vast majority of situations. In case of extreme weather conditions some of the vendors may close their booths to prevent damage to their fragile wares. If the weather causes unsafe conditions, the show could be cancelled. For the latest information, call 908-874-5247 for a recorded announcement about the show or visit our web site at www.rosesquared.com. Last-minute announcements for the most recent upcoming show will be posted to the home page.

Is parking available?

All of our shows have free public parking. At the Verona and Anderson Park shows, park in the neighborhoods around the park (park legally, being aware of distance from the curb and the corner). At Brookdale Park, drive into the park for free parking. At the Westfield Armory, follow the parking attendants directions.


For Exhibitors

Are the shows juried?

Yes. Three images of your work plus one of your booth display must accompany your application form.

How do I submit images of my work?

You may send traditional slides or photographss, or digital images on CD or USB flash drive. Please note that submitted media (including flash drives) will not be returned. Scanned digital images should be 300dpi in RAW or JPEG (use highest quality setting) format. Digital photos should be eight megapixels (8MP) or greater in RAW or JPEG (use highest quality/lowest compression setting) format. All photographs should be in standard 4:3 aspect ratio (e.g., an 8MP photo would be 3456x2304) — no vertical (3:4) or "panorama" images, or images that are otherwise cropped or resized out of a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Do I have to provide my own booth and canopy?

Yes, we require a white canopy for every exhibitor. We have information on rental companies for canopies.

Can I share my booth with another artist?

Yes. However, both of the applicants must send separate applications, separate images, and a booth image showing the shared display.

What are the payment terms? Is full payment due with the the application?

While we certainly wouldn't mind full payment with the application, we are flexible. The application fee, a single $100 deposit (regardless the number of shows you are applying to), and post-dated checks for the balances of each show must be submitted with the completed application form. The balances for the Spring shows may be dated March 1 of the show year, while the balances for the Fall shows may be dated June 1 of the show year.

Do you have any recommendations for nearby hotels?

Of course! We have made arrangements at several local hotels for our participating artists at a reduced rate. When contacting these hotels, let them know that you're part of Rose Squared and reserve your room at least three weeks prior to the show.

For the Westfield Armory shows we recommend the Best Western Westfield Inn at 435 North Avenue West in Westfield, NJ 07090. The fee is approximately $110 per night and includes a complimentary breakfast and free internet.

For the Verona, Brookdale and Anderson Park shows, out-of-towners can call the Best Western Plus Fairfield Executive Inn at 216-234 Route 46 East in Fairfield NJ. The fee is approximately $92 per night and includes a complimentary breakfast. Right next door is Comfort Inn at 286 Route 46 East in Fairfield, NJ. The fee is approximately $81 per night.

I can't seem to find, download, or open your application form. Help!

Our application form can be found here, and is delivered in standard Adobe PDF format. For best results use the most current version of Adobe Reader (a free download) to open, complete, and print your application form.

If all else fails, contact us and we will mail an application form to you.